The nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30 Commercial Control System is a state of the art, multi-circuit electronic distributed control and monitoring system for commercial hot water temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, greasy waste and flow maintenance, freezer frost heave prevention, roof & gutter de-icing, surface snow melting, and floor heating applications. The RAYCHEM ACS-30 is a modular control system using networked ACS-PCM2-5 control panels and C910-485 controllers to control up to 260 circuits. It is supplied as a complete modular system, ready for field connections to convenient power distribution panels and temperature sensor input helping reduce the cost of electric heat trace cable installation. The advanced RAYCHEM User Interface Terminal (ACS-UIT2) uses touch screen technology to provide fast, intuitive programming, monitoring and alarm annunciation. The RAYCHEM ACS-30 may be integrated into your Building Management System (BMS) using the RAYCHEM ProtoNode multiple protocol gateways. IN summary, multiple application support, modular control panel design, built-in ground-fault protection, remote temperature monitoring, energy logging and BMS integration makes the RAYCHEM ACS-30 system the best solution for site wide control of commercial electric heat tracing and heating systems.

Additional information on the RAYCHEM ACS-30:

  1. Pre-programmed with parameters for most of its approved applications
  2. Supports the Modbus* protocol and are available with RS-232, RS-485 or 10/100Base-T Ethernet communication interface


Connection and Protection